• Sandwich Prep

Tecumseh” compressor provides high energy for this units perfect performance.

• 5” Casters Standard
• Durable and Easy to Adjust
• Holds 36°F ~ 41°F
• Defrost Timer System
• ETL UL Certified
• Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice
LM27 S/C27X32X45111151/497.7134
LM27 R27X32X4511115-99.7110
LM36 S/C36X32X451 1/211151/41212.2176
LM36 R36X32X4522115-1214.9145
LM48 S/C48X32X451 1/211151/31816.2208
LM48 R48X32X4522115-1819.9170
LM60 S/C60X32X451 1/211151/32420.3228
LM60 R60X32X4522115-2425.8187
LM72 S/C72X32X452 1/231151/33026.2285
LM72 R72X32X4533115-3029.9250
LM84 S/C84X32X452 1/231151/33030.3350
LM84 R84X32X4533115-3035.7295
LM96 S/C96X32X453 1/231151/23636.2400
LM96 R96X32X4544115-3649.8345
LM120 S/C120X32X454 1/241153/44546.1485

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Sandwich Prep

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